PVC Strip Curtains

“The Most Simplistic & Economical Heat Loss Solution Available”



Flexible PVC strip curtains provide an easy and cost effective method of reducing heat loss or retaining chilled air in areas where control of environment is important.


PVC strip curtains are ideally suited for a wide range of applications from factory units, welding booths, coldrooms, air-conditioned areas and many others. Standard grade, coldstore polar grade, ribbed in both grades, welding grade, anti-static and a wide range of coloured PVC strip is available, suitable for all applications.


Hanging Systems

  • Stainless steel “hook-on”PVC-(1)
  • Aluminum twin-track
  • Galvanized swivel hinge or
  • Heavy duty mild steel bolt-on hanging systems available
  • Many different sliding options available including single and double tracks
  • Supporting steelwork manufactured to suit your requirements


pvc-strip-curtains-hanging-railing2Components for curtains

As well as made up PVC strip curtains ready forClamps installation, we also offer a full range of PVC rolls and components which can be supplied made up ready for hanging or in component form. Stainless steel rails and clamp plate sets are also sold separately.


We stock a wide range of rolls including

300mm Clear300mm ribbed (2)200mm Blue


  • Standard grade
  • Polar (coldstore) grade
  • Ribbed standard and polar grade
  • Transparent Red PVC – Usually used for end marker strips
  • Welding Green
  • Welding Bronze
  • Solid and Transparent Blue
  • Anti-Insect Yellow PVC
  • Black
  • White

White PVCWeldGreenRollWeldBronzeRoll

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